Cobalt Holdings, LLC is equipped with 7 trucks and over 150 trailers to take care of your scrap tire removal needs.  We are a licensed Tire Hauler in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

We offer two different kinds of accounts based on the amount of scrap tires your company produces.  We have trailer accounts and hand pick-up’s.

Trailer Account’s – This account is designed for company’s who produce around 1,200 scrap tires within a 1 -3 month period.  A trailer is placed at your location allowing you to load the scrap tires at your leisure.  Once the trailer is full give us a call and we will replace it with an empty trailer.  We currently service Southwest Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northeast Illinois.

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Hand Pick-up’s – This account is for company’s who have a need to get rid of scrap tires on a regular basis but do not generate enough to fill a trailer.  As a hand pick-up we can arrange to have our driver stop by and hand load your scrap tires weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly depending on your needs.  We currently service Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana.

Our current rate is: $2.50/passenger, $4.00/medium, $6.00/semi, and $25.00 & up/tractor.  Anything on a rim is double the price.

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