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Cobalt Rubber is dedicated to doing our part in the world. Every year Cobalt recycles around 10,000 tons of scrap tire each year. Using our cutting edge technologies and processes, we are able to recycle almost 100% of each tire that comes through our facilities. Dedicated to the long-term health of our planet, we provide a number of different eco-friendly products.


Recycled Rubber Solutions

Endura Rubber Mulch

Derived primarily from recycled rubber, our product offers exceptional benefits for residential and commercial landscaping. Endura won’t stick to or stain clothes.

Equine Turf

Equine Turf crumb rubber offers a long lasting, low maintenance cushioned surface that prolongs the life of your arena footing.

Crumb Rubber

Crumb rubber is being used to a greater extent in many states in rubberized asphalt applications and is the largest single use of recycled rubber.

PR Compound

Plastic – Rubber (PR) Compounds are a 50/50 mix of either virgin plastic resin or recycled plastic resins, along with processed crumb rubber material which is 100% post consumer material…

Tire Derived Aggregate

Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA) is a long-lasting replacement for lightweight fill made entirely from tires. TDA is not only safe, but a great alternative choice to provide your client.