Crumb rubber is being used to a greater extent in many states in rubberized asphalt applications and is the largest single use of recycled rubber. Its benefits include noise reduction, shorter breaking distances, reduced road maintenance and more cost-effective, durable road surfaces. Arizona and California are the leaders in rubberized asphalt consumption.

Crumb rubber also serves a number of sports and recreational purposes. Used in shock-absorbing running tracks and ground cover under playgrounds, the springy and responsive nature of rubber decreases the impact of running or falling. Also added to soil under playing fields, crumb rubber improves drainage and root structure of grass. Crumb rubber applications accounted for 12 percent of scrap tire use in 2005.

Green 10-16 Mesh
Cobalt Blue 12 – Mesh
Silver Sand 10-14 Mesh
10-14 Black
14-30 Black
30 – Black


he growing success and increased use is boosted by the fact crumb rubber is affordable, safe and recyclable. These qualities make them the product of choice for manufacturers and retailers all over the world. Crumb rubber can meet the highest of consumer expectations, hence their mounting popularity. With ample supply, products can be manufactured according to exact specifications.

By utilizing them in an innovative way, our tires not only take us from point A to point B, but from roadway to track to everywhere in between.