What are PR Compounds?

Plastic – Rubber (PR) Compounds are a 50/50 mix of either virgin plastic resin or recycled plastic resins, along with processed crumb rubber material which is 100% post consumer material derived from used tires. The tires have been selectively processed to produce an engineered grade material that is then treated with specific additives which allow the material to blend with the resin. The resulting material can be run alone as a base resin, or blended into your current base resin mixes to achieve a desired post consumer recycled content percentage.

The 50/50 PE-11 MF (Left) has a melt flow of 11.13 as tested under PE conditions. We also offer other blends such as a 50/50 PE with a melt flow of 2.23 which utilizes a recycled HDPE material and can achieve similar melt flows and ratios using polypropylene materials as well. The melt flows can be adjusted as needed.

These PR materials have been run in a variety of injection, blow, structural foam, and sheet extrusion machines.


  • Post consumer recycled content up to 80%.

  • Material price stability. The rubber cost does not fluctuate with oil prices the way resin prices do. If half the part weight is rubber content then half is price stable.

  • Customized recycled content pellets specifically designed for your application eliminate the need for additional blending at the machine.